Toronto Chinese Christian Chorale


The Toronto Chinese Christian Chorale was established in 1995 and became a part of the Canadian Worship and Music Ministry Association in 2008.

The vision of the Chorale is to help those who serve in music ministry grow musically and spiritually through chorale singing. Members of the mixed-voice Chorale come from different Christian churches in the greater Toronto area, with many of them being choir directors or music leaders in their own churches. Through their service in the Chorale, it is hoped that their own churches would also grow in the areas of worship and music ministry.

In addition to regular choir rehearsals, the Chorale is involved in an array of different music ministries, including music appreciation concerts, music missions, recordings, music evangelistic meetings, Messiah Sing-Along, spiritual revival conferences, choral demonstration and choir festivals, as well as participating and leading in worship services at local churches. Over the years, the Chorale has served in various churches in major cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, London, Windsor, Sudbury, Panama City, Panama, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Dr. Stanlas Man, one of the founders of the Chorale ministry, has served as the Pastor and Music Director of the Chorale since 1995.